Appointment with Love (Mawa'ed Gharam) 1956

Appointment with Love (Mawa'ed Gharam) 1956


Appointment with Love (Arabic: موعد غرام‎‎, Maw`ed Gharam) is a 1956 Egyptian romance/musical film directed and co-written by the Egyptian film director Henry Barakat. It starred Abdel Halim HafezFaten HamamaRushdy AbazaZahrat El-Ola, and Imad Hamdi.

Faten Hamama plays Nawal, a journalist who meets Samir, a young man. She encourages him to pursue a singing career and he does. He starts a successful career and becomes famous. Nawal gets paralyzed and, not willing to hinder his progress, tries to end their relationship without telling him the truth. Samir finds about the truth. Recognizing her great sacrifice, he returns to her and marries her.

During the centennial celebration of Egyptian cinema in 1996, Faten Hamama was chosen as the country’s most important actress, and 18 of her films were included in the list of the best 150 made by that time.

It was no surprise that the Egyptian Organization of Critics and Writers named her the Star of the Century.

Hamama appeared in a number of films with her husband Omar Sharif (to whom she was married for nearly 20 years), but in the romantic drama Appointment for Love, she appeared as a journalist who encourages a young man’s hopes of becoming a singer—a role played by no less than Abdulhaleem Hafez, one of the most famous performing artists of his era.

He was known as the “King of Emotions and Feelings” in the Arabic-speaking world.

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