Apologies: hiccup!

A few minutes into yesterday's screening of Nour-eddine Lakhmari's movie, Zero, the theater started buzzing. The subtitles were French. The characters, wandering on the streets of Casablanca spoke Arabic! Even the most enthused viewers could not help but grumble. The weather outside was gorgeous and they had in some cases driven a long way to come catch this special ANA pick.
Obviously, that's the kind of hiccup that nobody wants to see happen.
A wrong print sent by a distributor made it through the system. The print had come from New York City. Nobody ever imagined it could be anything but English subtitles.
Mistakes happen. And we are extremely sorry for this one.
Thank you to those who decided to stick it out. Sorry to those who came but left, rightfully frustrated. The Burns offered free tickets to all of the people who had come and were leaving disappointed. Thanks for your understanding. We promise it will never happen again.

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