Bring the kids!

I’ve been doing ANA for a few years now, and every year, parents who are film buffs but also like spending the weekends with their kids, ask if any of the films scheduled are kid-friendly, and every year I have to admit that, none of them really are. 

Well, this year, I’m glad to share, that two of our films, one of Sunday and another on a Monday, are kid-friendly. 

Excuse My French” playing Sunday Sept 13 at 3:00 PM - is about a bright and precocious kid, who upon the sudden death of his dad (I know, but even Bambi’s mother dies early in the film) finds himself yanked out of his idyllic private school, and thrown into a public school, where he quickly learns that his charms don’t quite work the same way. It is a coming of age story, with a big heart, and a lot of life lessons along the way.


Another kid friendly film is the documentary "Pirates of Salé" (Monday Sept. 14 at 5:30 PM). As kids we all dream of running away and joining the circus, well this doc is about how you can do it, at least if you live in Morocco and more specifically in Salé.

Looking forward to seeing you there this year, and hopefully, with your kids.