Merieme Addou & Rosa Rogers / Pirates Of Salé

Merieme Addou & Rosa Rogers / Pirates Of Salé


Merieme Addou: Born in Morocco, Merieme Addou graduated from Mohammed V University with a degree in Law.

She lives and works in Rabat as freelance correspondent for Radio D-W. She is also a Producer for Camino Media, a Moroccan production company based in Rabat.

From 2005 to 2008, Merieme worked as assistant to the BBC correspondent in Morocco.

She recently graduated with an MA in Documentary Film from the University of Tetouan. She was Associate Producer on Casablanca Calling.

Pirates of Salé is her first feature documentary.

Rosa Rogers: has directed a range of documentaries for leading UK broadcasters including Channel 4 and the BBC, which have been shown around the world. Prize-winning films include: The Greatest Show on Earth, the story of a deaf dancer who performs in the Rio Carnival; Dragon People, a young photographer’s journey through modern China; and Back to Bombay, in which a British Indian woman travels to India to meet her family for the first time.

Rosa has twice been a finalist in the One World Media Awards with a single documentary on Gambia in the series World of Difference, and with three films on water, fairtrade, and child labour in the series Global Citizenship. In 2009, her documentary Bangladesh – Who Will Pay? as a prizewinner in the World Bank Film Competition. Her first feature documentary, Casablanca Calling, was released in 2014, and it has been screened internationally in festivals and on television. In June 2014, Casablanca Calling won a One World Media Award in the Women’s Rights in Africa category.

Pirates of Salé is her second feature documentary, in collaboration with Merieme Addou who worked as Associate Producer on Casablanca Calling.

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