Maysaloun Hamoud / In Between

Maysaloun Hamoud / In Between



Maysaloun was born in Budapest where her Arab-Israeli father was attending medical school. He was an ardent home-movie producer, and bequeathed her his passion for cinema. Upon his graduation, the family moved back.

Hammoud completed her B.A. in Middle Eastern History at Hebrew University and studied film at the Minshar School of Art.

Seeing Ziad Doueiri's debut film West Beirut, in 1998, made her change the way she thought about movies. "I thought F**k, I want to do West Beirut. My West Beirut". Maysaloun eventually met the director who became an inspiration and mentor for her.

She directed the shorts Shades of Light, Sense of Morning, and Salma.

In Between is her debut feature.

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