Blind Intersections

Blind Intersections


"Blind Intersections" tackles social issues in Lebanon through three characters with different social backgrounds, [whose lives] never intersect but their destinies do. The development of one of those destinies leads to a series of events that radically change the lives of each of these characters. The characters are Nour, who lost her family in a car accident so her life is turned upside down; Andia, who has everything a woman could want except a child; and 12-year-old Marwan, who lives with a mother who is addicted to alcohol and has a bad reputation so he runs away from home to end the emotional and physical abuse he suffers.

The film enters into the lives of these characters as they are collapsing due to certain actions, events and decisions and their ensuing consequences. In short, the film talks about people's interrelated destinies and the effect of one's decisions on the lives of others even if these people never meet. The main actors are Carole al-Hajj, Leila Hakim, Shadi Haddad, Ghida Nouri, Caroline Hatem, Charbel Ziade and [the young actor] Alaa Hammoud.


Blind Intersections opened The Beirut International Film Festival 2011.

​​Director: Lara Saba

Film showing: May 31, 2013 / 5:05 PM

RT: ​​92 mins

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