Amin Bertale, alias “Zero,” is 30-something police officer walking the streets of Casablanca. He is overwhelmed by a sense of futility and loss, by the corruption that surrounds him, and by the constant needs of his disabled, abusive father. He has to make a change, to turn from Zero into something more. Meeting a mother searching for her lost daughter is the first step in his new life. A host of new possibilities reveal themselves as he turns the page. 


Grand Prize of 14th National Film Festival in Tangier

  • Best Actor Award for Younes Bouab
  • Best Supporting Actor Award for the deceased Mohamed Majd
  • Best Supporting Actress Award for Sonia Okacha
  • Best Sound Award for Emmanuel Legall

​International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema in Tetouan

  • Special Jury Prize
  • Best ​Actor Award for Younes Bouab
  • Audience Award

​Director:​ Nour-Eddine Lakhmari

RT: 111 min

Showing: June 1, 2013 / 5 PM

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