On July 12, 2006, another war broke out in Lebanon, and director Philippe Aractingi found himself packing his bags and leaving the country for the third time.

While he and his family were being evacuated to France onboard a military carrier, he realized this generation was only the last in five that had been fleeing from wars and massacres. 

Thus was born the idea for his new documentary Heritages - a journey through history from the fall of the Ottoman Empire, through the French mandate, the creation of Israel, Pan-Arabism, the Lebanese civil war and beyond. 

Heritages is a  "must-see' documentary for exiles everywhere, who've grappled with ways to tell their children about a past that "can never be talked about".


Director: Philippe Aractingi

Film showing: September 21, 2014 at 7:30 PM

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RT: 96 mins

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