Following her foray into the Roummieh male prison, with 12 Angry Lebanese, drama therapist Zeina Daccache turns her attention to female inmates.

Sheherazade's Diary is the result of a 10 month theater project involving the prison population of Baabda. As they develop the play, these "murderers of husbands, adulterers and drug felons" reveal their stories in an engaging tragicomic way, and in doing so hold a mirror up to Lebanese society and repressed women everywhere. 

Director: Zeina Daccache

RT: 80 mins

The film will be closing ANA 2014 on Wednesday September 23rd at 7:30 PM


  • FIPRESCI prize (International Critics Prize)/ Documentary (DIFF 2013)
  • Won Muhr Arab Special Mention/Documentary (DIFF 2013)

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