Ghadi / Amin Dora

Ghadi / Amin Dora



In a charming, small neighborhood of a traditional Lebanese coastal town, Leba, a music instructor,  marries his childhood sweetheart Lara.

Their perfect life is hits a snag, when much to the dismay of his family, neighbors, and friends, he has a first baby girl and then a second one. Lara is pregnant for the third time and yes, it’s a BOY!

However, medical tests show that the boy will have special needs. Will Leba and Lara keep the baby? Will little Ghadi become a burden on the family; or its pride and joy? Expect strange phenomena to affect the behavior and beliefs of that little town’s population. (website)

Director: Amin Dora

Film showing: Thursday September 15, 2015 at 8 PM

RT: 99 mins

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