Single, Married, Divorced / Elie Khalife

Single, Married, Divorced / Elie Khalife



Yasmina, Taleen, Layan and Zina are four successful ladies approaching their 40s. They are smart, funny, interesting, yet, the four of them are still single! They meet every Sunday at the Sporting Club in Beirut to catch up on their love lives or lack thereof.

Yasmina, a make-up artist for the stars, travels all over the Middle East. She's been dating a guy for a year, until, one day, she finds out that he is married and has a family.

Taleen, an art gallery owner, loves men! She acts like them. She has no problem picking a guy up in a bar and taking him home. Yet, she's very lonely! 

Layan, a famous fashion designer, is in love with a married man, who she's convinced will leave his wife for her. 

Zina, a doctor, still believes in fairy tales and finding Prince Charming. Desperate to get married and have a family, she indiscriminately goes on dates, in the hopes of finding Mr Right.

Director:  Elie Khalife

Film Showing: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 7:30 PM (Followed by a reception)

RT: 94 mins

Twitter: @yalla3a2belkon



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