As I Open My Eyes / Leyla Bouzid

As I Open My Eyes / Leyla Bouzid


Summer 2010. Tunis. It is a few months before the revolution and 18-year-old Farah has just graduated from High School. Her family has charted out her future as a doctor, but she won't have any of that. She is a political rock singer who embraces alcohol, love and her city by night – all against the approval of her mother, who knows Tunisia and its dangers far better than Farah. (DIFF)

Director: Leyla Bouzid


  • Carthage Film Festival 2015: FIPRESCI Prize + TV5 Award
  • DIFF 2015: Muhr Award for Best Fiction Movie
  • Venice Film Festival 2015: Label Europa Cinemas Award
  • East End Film Festival, UK 2016: Best Film Award

RT: 102 mins


"The Best Fictional Film Yet About the Arab Spring" - Indiewire

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