Let Them Come / Salem Brahimi

Let Them Come / Salem Brahimi


Costa Gavras protégé, and first-time feature filmmaker, Salem Brahimi, brilliantly adapts Arezki Mellal’s novel about what's known as the "years of terrorism" in late 1980s Algeria.

The film centers around Nourredine who is coerced into marriage by his dying mother. Struggling with married life, malaise on the homefront while around him militant Islamist seek revenge against civilians in retaliation to the army's crackdown on them.

Director: Salem Brahimi


  • New Directors Award at Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival 2016 (Norway)

RT: 95 mins


Variety: "...an effectively intimate drama set within sweeping larger events, focusing on a secular family swimming against a riding tide of Islamic fundamentalism."

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