Nawara / Hala Khalil

Nawara / Hala Khalil


Nawara, a woman in her 20s, works as a housemaid in the home of Ossama Bey and his family, who are closely linked to the Mubarak regime.

As the revolution unfolds, the family decide to leave the country temporarily. They give Nawara some money and ask her to look after the house while they're away. Nawara takes to living in her employer's villa, and at her fiance's insistence, lets him spend the night with her. Complications ensue as the pair are caught up in a travel ban and property seizure order that has been issued against the property's owner.

Nawara is a sharp social critique on the rich/poor divide in Egypt, and a biting commentary on the Arab Spring.

Director: Hala Khalil


  • Best Actress at the 2015 Dubai International Film Festival

RT: 111 mins


ScreenDaily: "Director Hala Khalil has a lot to say about Egypt post-Tahrir Square and 122 minutes is hardly enough to fit it all into the absorbing feature Nawara."

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