Ghost Hunting (Istiyad Ashbah) / Raed Andoni

Ghost Hunting (Istiyad Ashbah) / Raed Andoni



Director Raed Andoni places an ad in a Ramallah newspaper, looking for former inmates of West Jerusalem's notorious interrogation and detention center, Moskobiya. After gathering the applicants, he arranges for a replica of the facility’s interrogation rooms and cells to be built to scale and in this realistic setting the men reenact their experience as prisoners. This exploration of unresolved trauma and its effects is a tough and challenging experience for everyone involved—one that’s raised its share of controversy, even as the film has won the Original Documentary award at the Berlinale. 

Source: Jacob Burns Film Center

2017. 94 m. NR. Palestine/Qatar. Arabic with subtitles.

Wednesday, September 27 at 5:00 PM


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