In Between - (Bar Bahar) / Maysaloun Hamoud

In Between - (Bar Bahar) / Maysaloun Hamoud



“After watching Maysaloun Hamoud’s sparkling, taboo-breaking first feature In Between, audiences will have to seriously update their ideas about the lifestyle of Palestinian women in Israel,” says The Hollywood Reporter. This engaging, controversial film—about what happens when a veiled Muslim woman moves into a Tel Aviv apartment with a couple of partying Arab-Israelis—has won enthusiastic reviews and multiple awards on the festival circuit. Feminists especially applaud its depiction of these young people torn between tradition and personal freedom. But it’s also made headlines because of the reaction the Palestinian director received from her homeland—including the first Palestinian fatwa in almost 70 years.

Source: Jacob Burns Film Center

2016. 96 m. NR. Palestine/Israel/France. Arabic/Hebrew with subtitles.

Saturday, September 23 at 4:30 PM


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