Listen / Philippe Aractingi

Listen / Philippe Aractingi


This is a kind of Lebanese Romeo and Juliet story with a twist. Joud, a passionate sound engineer, falls for wealthy, extroverted Rana. After an accident, the two—from completely different social and religious backgrounds—are separated by her parents, who soon close ranks and forbid any contact, leaving Joud to find new ways to communicate with her.

Set in contemporary Beirut, Listen is a surprisingly sensual film that moves away from filmmaker Philippe Aractingi’s previous focus on war-related themes to take on issues such as family rivalries, the weight of traditions, and the changing role of women.

In Lebanon where the cacophony of life is deafening, and in an era where no one listens, a film that elevates listening to a form of survival and love, is to be celebrated.

Listen premiered at the 2016 edition of the Dubai International Film Festival.

Jacob Burns Film Center: Thursday 9/27/2018 7:15 PM - 9:04 PM

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM): Sunday 9/30/2018 3:00 PM - 4:49 PM

Philippe Aractingi

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