The Swing/Cyril Aris

The Swing/Cyril Aris


In this “low-budget but high-impact documentary” (Holllywood Reporter), Lebanese filmmaker Cyril Aris chronicles an upsetting story from his own family. After sixty years of marriage, Antoine and Vivi have lost their most beloved daughter, overseas; but no one has dared to tell the bedridden nonagenarian Antoine, lest his heart give out. A simple solution, though everyone else in this densely interconnected family has then to live the same lie, giving no expression to their grief. An intimate and moving meditation on truth, love, and lies in the face of illness and death. 

Director: Cyril Aris

Jacob Burns Film Center Screening: Monday, September 23 - 5PM

BAM Screening: Sunday, September 29 - 2PM

RT: 74 mins

Burns Film Center screening will be followed by a Skype Q&A with the Director

BAM screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director in attendance

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