Cairo 678

Cairo 678


Released in Egypt around the time of last year’s revolution, Mohamed Diab’s Cairo 678 is a powerful portrait of three women drawn from across Cairo’s complex social hierarchy that are brought together by sexual harrassment. Fayza, a traditionally-minded mother, is molested on a daily basis as she takes the bus to work; Seba, a wealthy jewelry designer, recovering from a vicious gang assault starts her own support group, and Nelly, an aspiring stand-up comic draws national outrage for daring to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. The film follows this trio as, frustrated by the lackadaisical response from authorities, they decide to take the law into their own hands and begin exacting violent revenge on men foolish enough to try and harass them.

Director:  Mohamed Diab

Official website: Cairo678

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Played at: New Directors New Films


Awards: Special Jury Prize Chicago Film Festival 2011

Best Actress and Best Actor Prizes, Dubai International Film Festival 2010

RT: 100 mins


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