App to the Rescue (part 2): CooCool

If you're thinking about catching the train to Pleasantville, the MTA's got the perfect tool for train riders!

It's called CooCoo and it does it all!  it is a website, it is an App, and a text messaging service.

My favorite of the three is the App. It opens with a joyful cuckoo clock sound. How can you possibly resist that? Come on, check the app, buy your ticket, ride the rails!









But texting is super simple and particularly useful, especially if you're on the run....text 266266, i.e. CooCoo, and enter the names of the stations into the message, for ex. Grand Central to Pleasantville, send, wait 2 seconds and, 'voila',  a schedule is texted back to you.  CooCool!!!

Finally, if you need some final encouragement, here is a video to show you how easy it is to go to Pleasantville.