New kid on the block: MTA eTix

If you're hopping on a train at Grand Central, the best way to avoid lining up at a kiosk is to download the new MTA eTix and keep moving.

The app is free to download and tickets are the same price as at a Ticket Machine with no additional fees. [phew!]

You can also - sort of - retrieve the train schedule with the app. Because, you'll need another MTA app “Train Time” to access that information.  

When you pick your station combination and make a purchase, you can use the “Train Time” option and your choice of station combination will automatically be forwarded to the “Train Time” app for instant access. Train Time can also be accessed from the home screen of the MTA eTix app.

Note: Don't forget to "Activate" the ticket before you get on the train.....

Happy travels!

PS: Sadly, we must report that the original "Train Time" app "Coocoo" no longer works...

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